Our dishes

Paneer Tikka Kati Roll Kati Rolls
Shopping is exhausting no matter where you are in the world. Kolkata was no exception especially in that heat. So, once we had finished shopping in New Market, we would throw everything into the car and head towards one of the many mouthwatering eateries in the area. Karco was one of them. All they sold were Kati rolls or Wraps and if I remember correctly they only had 4 different kinds in those days. Before I started selling my food, I would salivate just thinking about the rolls I had all those years ago. So, I decided to make them and bring a little of that taste of Kolkata to rural mid-Wales . Being a vegetarian limits one slightly in the options but that doesn’t mean the choices on offer can’t be full of flavours.
Paneer Tikka
Jeera Aloo
Hara Bhara Kebab
Kol d Fusion
Half and Half
Vegetable Samosa Samosa
Or Shingara as the Bengalis call them are well known almost in any part of the world. Pastry wrapped around a filling and deep fried – what could be simpler or more tasty! Every eatery has their very own special masala to spice their samosa’s. A Sunday morning breakfast in a Bengali household would be incomplete without a hot bag of samosas and jilebis freshly bought. But you’d have to remember to send the person early to the shop to buy them freshly otherwise you’d be dissapointed. My customers like samosas and so I try to make a few different varieties. (Jilebis are sweet rings – a batter deep fried in the shape of rings and dunked in a sugar syrup). Samosas and jilebis complement each other.
 Aloo Paratha Paratha
An Indian flatbread served either plain, stuffed with a spicy potato, onion or pea filling.
Plain paratha
Aloo (potato) p.
Peas paratha
Onion paratha
 Garlic Dal Fry Dal
Lentil dishes are varied in their spicing.
 Aloo Chop Potato (Aloo) Chop
A ball of mashed garlic potatoes with fresh coriander, dunked in a flour batter and deep fried.
  DOSA or South Indian wraps

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